In 2011, a feisty white British/American woman in her sixties sets out for Africa to reinvent herself after the death of her husband.

Five years later, she is still living there with an African partner, 25 years her junior.

This is Africa: From Racism to Love vividly portrays life in Uganda and Benin, West Africa, showing readers a more nuanced and accurate view of Africans and the reality of their daily lives.

Two young men at Julie's home, 2016

Not everyone is starving and living in poverty; a growing middle class is starting to make its voice heard; violence is less widespread than in the United States...we have much to learn from these gentle and welcoming people.

At a time when many Americans are newly awakened to persistent racism and searching for solutions to heal our society, This Is Africa provides a unique viewpoint, encouraging readers to question their own white privilege. This memoir raises important issues about racism, the efficacy of foreign aid and how we can learn to live together in harmony.

Guillaume and Julie, 2013

Julie with students Jonas and Korine, 2013